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Read about how & why Randwick Park is flourishing.
hey-this-is-randwick-park-image This document aims to capture the voice of Randwick Park in the form of stories told by its residents. Over the past five years, Randwick has worked hard to become a community that is reversing negative stereotypes. Randwick challenges its residents and agencies to think and act differently. It stands up to be counted, demands what it’s entitled to, and is being heard. Randwick works alongside others to deal with pressing issues in order to strengthen the foundations of its development as a thriving community.
hopes-and-dreams-image This report is the result of a survey carried out by members of the Randwick Park community which was designed to better understand residents’ hopes and dreams. The research was a truly collaborative effort that brought together a number of organisations and individuals, including the Manurewa Advisory Board, Urban Neighbours of Hope New Zealand Trust, Randwick Park Residents’ Association Incorporated and Warriors of Change.
words-create-worlds Words Create Worlds: The story of Randwick Park retold from the inside. This report firstly examines economic inequality, its cost and negative social and health outcomes which unfairly affect communities like Randwick Park. The report also looks at the causes of these issues and the current Neo-liberal economic policies.
The report then explores how Randwick Park has applied a Neighbourhood-led Community Development and an Appreciative Inquiry approach that’s brought significant transformation to the community.
hopes-and-dreams-image What has changed in Randwick Park 2016
As a second year social work student at Bethlehem Tertiary Institute, I was required to undertake some voluntary work for an organisation/group in the community, to deepen my understanding of community development. Having heard something of the changes achieved in Randwick Park, I approached a member of the Randwick Park Residents’ Association. It was agreed that I would undertake a small research project on behalf of the Residents’ Association, to ascertain what changes longer term Randwick Park residents had noticed and why they thought those changes were happening.